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Quality and the Most Effective Brain Boost Ingredients

The supplement stack is blends of fourteen ingredients that work in idealize congruity to securely and normally enhance intellectual performance of your brain and mental potential to work hard. The stack’s synergizing impact directly affects cognizance that is discernible inside a hour of ingestion. Iron Mind joins your physiological body to your intellectual body by advancing a progression of energy through your central nervous system.

A daily micro dose of these elements will directly support cognitive and physiological function. The dosage of Iron Mind is extremely safe both short term and long term. Our goal is to provide you with sustained output and no side effects. It has been meticulously tested for toxins; ingredients complement each other to provide a synergistic effect boosting the system without a crash

Lab Testing

All our ingredients are tested for pesticides, heavy metals, toxins. All compounds are non-GMO and below FDA GMPs requirements.
We chose highly refined potent sources for ingredients based on evidence of efficacy and bioavailability. Careful research of each compound and in depth analysis of clinical trials were conducted in the R&D phase of the product.

Our lab conducts two sets of tests to ensure accuracy of formulation and potency. Each ingredient is tested individually. After the initial test, the complete nootropic compound is tested prior to encapsulation.


We trust that life is a long journey and each experience is a huge opportunity for development. That life’s valuable minutes happen amid that journey, not after coming to the “goal.” We should rehash ourselves every day to be a superior form, a more ideal and upgraded rendition of ourselves.