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How to take the Dose?

You should take 4 pills in the morning 25 minutes prior to eating with 8-12oz of purified water. The ingredients in the supplement are water soluble thus taking it with food may limit the nootropic effects. Take the product 6 days per week to obtain the full advantage.


Iron Mind Nootropic Complex is the best with at least seven hours rest. Rest is an essential piece of our brain’s capacity to gather, sort out, and enhance out the whole system effectively. We flush out toxins, and the process of memory consolidation happens while we sleep. It is crucial to maintain a healthy circadian rhythm.


We urge you to exercise four to six days for each week while taking Iron Mind. Exercise is continuously demonstrated to enhance blood flow to the brain and nervous system. Exercise amplifies the effects of Iron Mind so you can take advantage of a focused workout. 


Your body is your vehicle through life.  Use Iron Mind as a reason to focus your efforts on eating balanced diet with an abundance of leafy greens, nuts (see physician for allergies,) and ¾ of your lb weight in oz of purified water. Our body is up to 60% water, this should be the drink of choice for a healthy diet. Avoid processed foods, fast foods, trans fats, processed sugar (high fructose corn syrup,) and gluten.

For further guidance or questions related to products or diet, contact us by sending an e-mail to info@evolvelaboratories.com. Evolve Laboratories has faith in you!

Expectation for Customers

Within an hour, you will feel a feeling of lucidity, vitality, and core interest. Iron Mind aligns your physiological body to your intellectual body by advancing a progression through your central nervous system. You are gradually waking your central nervous system to enhance crystallized and fluid intelligence.

We trust that life is a long journey and each experience is a huge opportunity for development. That life’s valuable minutes happen amid that journey, not after coming to the “goal.” We should rehash ourselves every day to be a superior form, a more ideal and upgraded rendition of ourselves.