How Effective Are Nootropics Drugs?


As bizarre and unbelievable as it may sound, but drugs that can improve the braining functioning are now a solid part of the reality. These smart drugs have the potential to patch holes in one’s memory, improve concentration, enhance the thought process, and improve overall productivity. Such drugs are prominently known as nootropics, which improve the cognitive functioning and are not part of some science fiction novel. With that being said, however, the critical question is about the actual effectiveness of these brain supplements.


The use of the nootropics is still being talked through, as doctors are concerned about the potential side effects that accompany such pills with their regular use in the long run. The effectiveness, in this regard, can only be short-lived. Most of the research highlights that the positive effects of such supplements are immediate, following which there is a pull back into the normal performance mode of the brain. Such as the thought process speeds up and more energy zips through the body immediately after the intake of the pill. But with the lapse of some time, a person gets back to square one so that the brain’s super powers were only short lived, as was the effect of the power pills.


In most of the cases, however, the effectiveness varies according to the ingredients being consumed. The most commonly used duo, commonly taken as a brain booster, is that of caffeine and L-theanine. Several studies support the use of this pair and suggest that they are effective in energizing the body immediately along with alerting the senses. The effects are most pronounced in the first two hours of use. Science also backs the safe usage of this duo.


Not all the smart drugs are, however, safe as the caffeine and L-theanine.


A powerful cognitive enhancer that is efficient in its work by boosting agility and shows mild side effects that healthy individuals won’t probably face is Modafinil. But here’s the catch, it cannot be availed without a prescription. This nootropic is not for common use rather it is used in the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea, narcolepsy, and shift work disorder.


On the whole, it can be concluded that these super drugs are potent and capable of improving the cognitive ability and enhancing it’s functioning yet their usage is not always safe. Several smart drugs are known to be effective but how they work is still complicated and unclear, which makes their use uncertain. Only a few nootropics have so far cleared through the doctors’ zone of suspicion to be both beneficial and free from any harms in the long run, and such supplements are not pills that one can fetch over the counter. Mostly, the long-term effects are unknown and the working unclear, so it is questionable to use such drugs for short-term benefits only.

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